Thursday, September 9, 2010

TCM Film Festival Wrap-Up

So I ended up back at this blog intending on writing an update of my summer classic movie watching and saw this half written post...I most likely intended on posting this many months ago, but thanks to the fact that I'm a big procrastinator here's my wrap-up post!!

So, who says posts and wrap-ups need to be timely??  Not me!  Who cares that I got home from the festival two weeks ago??  Again, not me.  I'm still gonna go ahead and do a nice little wrap-up of my adventure.  So let's start with some stats:

I got a tote bag pretty much EVERYWHERE I went on this trip.  Went to the Hollywood Heritage a tote bag.  Went food shopping at Ralph' a tote bag.  Got a tote bag from TCM and from Buick when I attended a screening.  If you're keeping track at home that's 4! tote bags!!  Which while lovely made it a little difficult to maintain my carry-on luggage only stance.

I met tons of classic film fans at the screenings that I went to and through chatting found out all the different places people had traveled from.  I met a man originally from Romania who now lives in Pittsburgh and traveled from Pittsburgh to attend the festival.   Some people came from Toronto and Vancouver.  I met two nice gentlemen who had come from Seattle for the festivities.  The "other" Diane who had been in line with me to meet Tony Curtis traveled from Detroit, MI with her husband.  Oh! While I was waiting for my coffee at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf I met some film festival attendees who had grown up a couple towns over from where I live on Long Island but now live in Connecticut. I also met a number of people who were locals and didn't have to travel too far.  I thought it was very interesting to find out all the different locations people hailed from and it made me feel better for having trekked across the country for this.

Here's a handy-dandy list of all the movies I saw (in the order they were seen):
A Star is Born
The Producers
Top Hat
Sunset Blvd.
Leave Her to Heaven
North by Northwest
Singin' in the Rain
Saturday Night Fever
Damn Yankees
Some Like it Hot

Hmm...what else can I put in this wrap-up.  I've already said I had the most amazing time that it was so wonderful of TCM to put together a festival like this and I hope and dream that I can make it to next year's festival!
Oh let's do a list of celebrities I saw in passing and/or saw speak:
Ernest Borgnine, Ann Rutherford, Leonard Maltin, Danny Huston, Martin Landau, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Hefner, Curtis Hanson, Diane Baker, Peter Bogdanovich,  Mel Brooks, Nancy Olson, Daryl Hickman, Eva Marie Saint, Stanley Donen, John Badham, Tab Hunter, Tony Curtis, Norman Lloyd, Ben Mankiewicz, and of course Robert Osborne.

Autographs:  Peter Bogdanovich, Robert Osborne, Diane Baker,  Ben Mankiewicz, Tab Hunter and Tony Curtis.

This is where I left off when I wrote the post in June, so it seems like a good spot to leave off now.  I'm still very much looking forward to TCM's 2011 Film Festival and really hope I'm able to make it.  And thanks to everyone who made the festival an amazing experience.  Also I'm so thankful that so many of my friends made the trip into Hollywood to see classic movies with me!

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