Sunday, February 22, 2015

Classic Film Related Activities- A not so brief update

Since my last post, I have been up to a great many classic film related activities.  Some of which I plan on blogging about, just give me some time.  I'll briefly share the highlights before devoting full posts to some of these events.

I've been to the Hollywood Costume exhibit a number of times, it has become my go-to activity for family members visiting LA.  I went myself the opening weekend in October and then took my aunt in November and just this past weekend took my mom while she was visiting.

In October, one of my friends was singing in a choir that sang along to a screening of The Passion of Joan of Arc at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.  It was a very unique and surprisingly emotional experience to have an orchestra and choir performing live during a silent movie.

In November, I was invited to a very interesting conversation/panel at the LACMA called, Defining Character.  It was moderated by Deborah Nadoolman Landis and was associated with the Hollywood Costume Exhibit.  I really enjoyed it.

In December, I went to a wonderful event thanks to Street Food Cinema and a deal on Amazon local.  There was a screening of The Princess Bride with Cary Elwes doing a book signing and a Q&A at a lovely old theater downtown.

While home in NY for winter vacation I encouraged my mom to see You Can't Take it With You on Broadway and was lucky enough to meet Mark Linn Baker and tell him how much I love Noises Off.

Upon returning to LA I went to the Aero theater (in Santa Monica) for 2 Frank Capra double features. I was surprised to see Ron Howard seated in my row the first night, I wanted to ask him if he would be attending the TCM Classic Film Festival along with Apollo 13, but I resisted.

Earlier this month I finally made it back to the New Beverly Cinema for a Fosse Double Feature (but I didn't stay for the second movie).  I always love going to that theater.

This past week my mom came to LA for a visit and to escape the super cold East coast winter.  While she was here we came up with a fairly even balance of things she wanted to do (see West Coast sunsets) and things I always like to do (film related things).  And even combined the 2 one night by seeing the sunset at Griffith Observatory.

So there you are, a brief-ish update of the things that I've been up to the last few months.  I'd like to devote whole posts to some of these events so keep an eye out for that.  In the meantime I expect another post, soon-ish, with some very exciting TCM Classic Film Festival News.

Happy Oscar Sunday to all.


  1. Mark Linn Baker looks great! I love that guy.

  2. I love him too! I didn't realize he was in the show and when I saw him in the playbill I was elated.