Sunday, December 27, 2009

Netflix Watch Instantly, You wiley minx

So, I don't know how this could've come as a surprise after what happened last year.  But, a couple of days ago I noticed that A LOT of the movies in my watch now queue came up as expiring as of January 1st!  85 movies to be exact!!! Son of a B!  How can anyone watch 85 movies in a week?!  It's pretty much impossible, but now I feel compelled to try to watch as many of these movies as possible before they expire.  I'm realistic, I know I couldn't possibly watch them all, but I'm gonna make an effort.  Since discovering this news, I've watched the following movies:
 Bullitt- Yay for Steve McQueen and wild 70s cop, caper, car chase films.  I really enjoyed this, so I'm glad I got to watch it instantly.
Hang 'Em High- I went through a brief Clint Eastwood phase a few months back, I enjoyed Dirty Harry and High Plains Drifter, this movie was pretty good too.  I'm not a huge fan of lynching and hangin' especially if they're going to be hung high, but it was a pretty good movie with a fun cast.  Go Commissioner Gordon (Pat Hingle, as the town judge).
Arthur- Kind of a mixed review here.  Not a huge fan of finding humor in alcoholics, but Dudley Moore is a pretty funny guy.  I liked him in Micky and Maude.  I've always been a fan of Liza Minnelli, so she was fun to watch too.  So I guess overall I enjoyed the movie, there were jokes that were definitely my kinda humor (like the bit with the cheese knife, and Arthur asking "do you think he wants some cheese?"  When it was quite clear that there were other plans for that cheese knife)....I guess I just don't like the whole alcoholic thing.
and I'm in the middle of Barry Lyndon- So far I've been liking this movie...I was a bit wary of the 3 hour + running time (especially since time is of the essence if I want to get through more of these soon to be expired watch instantly movies) but I don't want to discount good movies just cause they're long, so I figured I'd give it a shot.  I'm a fan of Ryan O'Neal, although it's odd to see him as a young british we'll see how this goes.

Kind of a slow start, but I'm optimistic.  I could've squeezed in another movie or two today, but I had to watch the Giants game...although had I known they were going to play the worst game of football (can you even call what they did football?)  I would've maybe watched a movie instead.  But I'm not a fairweather fan, plus I like to watch Boss play, it just sucks that they played so poorly against the Panthers...oh well. 
So 3ish down 82ish to go!  I'll update after I watch some more flicks.

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