Sunday, October 4, 2009

Let's Make Love

Firstly, my apologies for not posting in a very long time. I don't know why I don't post more often, I should. I've been watching TONS of movies, but I just never make the effort to put together a post. For some reason I feel like posting tonight, and since Let's Make Love is the most recent classic movie that I've watched, it gets the star treatment.

I arrived at this film from many different avenues. I've been through a Gene Kelly phase and he's listed as being in the cast (turns out he has a super small role, as himself, but still some Gene Kelly is better than no Gene Kelly). I was also trying to see all movies directed by George Cukor since he's directed some of my all time favorite movies (Gaslight, The Holiday, Born Yesterday! The Women!). Wow that guy's amazing. And I also read a Marilyn Monroe biography (the title and author are escaping me right now), but there was extensive information about Let's Make Love in the biography. Specifically about Marilyn's affair with Yves Montand and all that.

So the movie finally made it up my Netflix queue and I was happy that it did. It was a silly little story with a very funny opening. It went through the family history of Yves Montand and all the ridiculous ways his family made the many, many millions of dollars.  I'm always a sucker for movies where someone hides their identity and ends up seeing things in a way they would've never seen it before (wow that was a roundabout way of explaining the plot, I wonder if that's how they explained it in the pitch meeting).  Anyway, it was a very cute story, Marilyn Monroe player her usual sweet, sultry, slightly dim-witted character.

(Note:  I had written this a few months ago, but didn't finish it or post it, so I just tried to finish it up and get it posted, since I wouldn't want to disappoint whoever's reading this silly little blog, I also post-dated it, cause that seemed to be the right thing to do, ok the end.)

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