Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Netflix Price Increase: What's a classic movie fan to do?

I'm not sure how I feel about the Netflix price increase.  Or rather I don't know what to do with myself because of the Netflix price increase. 

I've been a loyal Netflix user/lover since 2004, I've fluctuated between the 2 out at a time and 4 out at at time plan throughout the years.  I've rated approximately 4,950 movies, I currently have 493 movies in my DVD queue and 361 movies in my watch instantly queue.  When I switched to Blockbuster online for a couple of months, when I got a free trial I felt like I was cheating on Netflix, I give Netflix subscriptions as gifts as frequently as I can, I'm always singing Netflix's praises and I somehow feel betrayed and unsure if we should continue our relationship.

I guess it's upsetting to have to pay more for a service without getting anything extra or exciting, like say DVDs with special features or more (classic movie) titles available on both DVD and streaming.  I think it's crazy to increase the prices by about 60% and not provide any additional perks.  I think I'm one of the few users who really appreciate the DVDs and only use streaming when I have no other movie watching options or if a movie I already had in my DVD queue becomes available to stream.  I've been noticing and gotten increasingly annoyed that more and more DVDs in my queue have dropped to my Saved section and never make it back.  It seems as if Netflix is putting more energy and money into their streaming selection, while still not providing anything truly worthwhile.  I always felt like the streaming of movies was really cool, I have a Roku box (which was a b-day present, thanks Sue!!), but I would never want it as my only source for rental movies, I'd miss the special features (which are rarely included on the rental DVDs anymore either) and the wide selection (which seems to be diminishing) and streaming isn't always the best quality and sometimes the Wifi doesn't work as well as it should.  But I guess it was always nice to know that I had it, like it was a free perk.

As a Classic Movie fan, I know that Netflix doesn't always have the widest of selections, but it's been fitting the bill for the last few years.  Yes, I've dabbled in using and my local Public Library to fill in the gaps, but Netflix did pretty well for itself.  It was also pretty helpful when I was actively pursuing the 1001 Movies You Must See Before you Die (I need to get back to that, I've made it to about 720). 

So for someone like me, what's the right move?  Say goodbye to streaming?  Bite the bullet and pay double for what I was already getting?  I just don't know Netflix, I just don't know.  I guess all good things must come to an end and it couldn't go on like this forever, it's just hard.  What are your thoughts?  What are other classic movie lovers/Netflix users doing?

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  1. I'm torn too! I feel like they are going to have to respond to all of this backlash somehow. Let's hope they just change their minds about the price hike and give everyone a free month of service to apologize. Eh?

    Also, well done on the incredibly-timely post! :)