Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TCM Presents An Evening with Jane Powell (Part 1)

So many changes on blogger! I guess that's the punishment I get for not updating in such a long time :).  I'm still working on the Film Festival recap, but in the meantime I have a very fun update from a very fun night thanks to the Film Society at Lincoln Center and TCM.

I usually scour the schedules of a few places in the city looking for classic film screenings to attend, my theaters of choice are The Film Society at Lincoln Center, Film Forum, the Museum of Modern Art and Symphony Space (in the summer).  During my search last week I saw that the Film Society at Lincoln Center was having a 'An Evening with Jane Powell', presented by TCM.  It was going to contain a discussion with Ms. Powell, a classic movie poster exhibit and a screening of, Two Weeks with Love, which was selected by Jane Powell herself!  I immediately purchased a ticket and began to look forward to the event.  I had been lucky enough to attend an event somewhat similar to this last year at Lincoln Center, when I saw a number of Stanley Donen's films while he was in attendance and complete with a discussion/interview and Q&A (you can read about it here, here, and here), so I knew that the Film Society knew how to do it up right.

Being interviewed
When I arrived at the theater I was surprised to hear that they were holding a reception for everyone before the screening.  Very fancy shmancy and unexpected.  When I walked into the reception I saw that there were beautiful classic movie posters on display.  I then spotted Dickie Moore, Jane Powell, and Robert Osborne (it was so fun to see him after missing him on TCM for so long) in the crowd of people.  I was so surprised I didn't realize they'd be walking around like the rest of us mortals.  Jane Powell was being interviewed (as you can see on the left) and was then followed by photographers.  There were also some fans going over and talking to her.  She looked amazing and as cute as, if not cuter than, a button.  She was also so sweet and kind, she looked really excited to be there and took the time to talk to everyone who came over to her.  After awhile they invited everyone to move towards one side of the gallery.  I did as I was told and ended up standing right next to Robert Osborne for the entire introduction and presentation!!  It was funny to stand next to him, I saw as fans looked over and recognized him and waved.  I also got to see him graciously smile, say hi and pose for pictures when people recognized him.  So awesome!

Here are some other pictures from the reception:
So adorable

One of the beautiful posters

I couldn't get a great picture of Mr. Osborne, it was just so great to see him out and about, I've missed him on TCM!

The presentation started with a little introduction about the event and about the gentleman who's poster collection was on display, Mike Kaplan.  Mike then came up and spoke about his love for Jane Powell and unveiled 3 stunning posters that he had recently acquired.  Two of them were from Jane Powell movies and the 3rd was a movie starring Dickie Moore. Mike talked about the three posters and how posters for movies today don't have the same artistic flare, instead they're governed by legalities.  He also talked about the use of color, especially in regards to the poster for Two Weeks with Love.  Here are the posters he unveiled:

Swedish Poster for Two Weeks with Love

Italian Poster for Luxury Liner

Lovely poster for Star Witness starring Dickie Moore

Mike then invited Jane up and she talked about picking a movie to screen and saying that it was hard not to pick Luxury Liner, but how could she not pick a movie co-starring Ricardo Montalban.  She then shared the cutest story about her and George Brent.  They had worked together on Luxury Liner and she was very fond of him, but didn't stay that close.  Then later in life while she was touring they reconnected and would spend time together, she said it wasn't romantic, at least not for her, just meals and spending time together.  Eventually, George asked her to marry him!  She said she was surprised and asked him why nothing had happened during Luxury Liner and why he didn't ask her then, and he responded, "your Mother was always around."  That got the crowd laughing.  She then posed for my photos, with Mike Kaplan, Dickie Moore and Robert Osborne.
Unfortunately that woman's head got in the way :-/

It kinda looks like Dickie Moore is looking right at me!

Right after this pic, Dickie gave Jane a little peck on the cheek, it was adorable.  Too many photographers!

At this point it seemed like a time when people were going over to Jane to speak with her and to ask for autographs.  I had decided to bring my DVD copy of 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' hoping there'd be an opportunity to ask her to sign it.  I haven't always had the best luck with that, Stanely Donen was not big on autographs.  Jane was more than happy to oblige and even asked my name so she could make it out to me!  I was so flustered, she was really so sweet.  I told her that I had seen her at the TCM Film Festival this past year and it was wonderful that she was a part of it.  I then asked her if she was going to be at the upcoming Film Festival, she said she didn't know, so maybe TCM hasn't asked celebrities yet or maybe that was her kind way of saying no.  I hope she does make it next year, she's such a lovely woman.  It's amazing that she participated in an evening like this.

I also had the opportunity to talk to some other classic film fans, one man was there who collects clothing from classic films and had a photograph for Jane to sign where she was wearing one of the dresses he has in his collection.  I lent another fan my Sharpie so she could get a photograph signed.  And! it turned out that Marge Champion was also in attendance, which is always cool.  I didn't expect any of this and can't believe so much happened BEFORE the movie even started.

This has turned into a very long and picture heavy post.  I think I'll end it here for now and put up another post a little later with info about the interview before the film and my thoughts on the film 'Two Weeks with Love.'  Thanks to the Film Society at Lincoln Center for providing amazing events like this and as always a very special thanks to TCM for everything that it does!


  1. Wow, this sounds amazing! And you're right - Jane Powell is adorable! Well done on the autograph :)

  2. I'll bet Dickie Moore was smiling at you! Osborne looks thin. Did it seem like he was okay? What an amazing evening.

  3. @KC- First off, thank you so much for the comment, I love your blogs and feel honored that you read mine :). Second- Robert Osborne did look a little thinner than he's looked in the past, but he looked healthy and ok, lots of smiles and waves. Can't wait for him to be back on TCM.

    @Susanna- Thanks for the comment! I had been apprehensive about asking for the autograph, but it felt like the thing to do at the time.