Sunday, April 15, 2018

Extremely Tentative Picks for the 2018 TCM Classic Film Festival

I'm not even sure why I'm attempting to put together this post, since I feel like all of these plans will be changing, probably before I even finish writing this up.  But I'm going to give it a go and be forewarned that for pretty much every time block I'm either conflicted over my own choices and/or my dad and I have conflicting first choices.  Since the full schedule was released we have gone back and forth quite a bit.  Should make for an interesting festival this year, with so many wonderful choices.

Before diving into the films I'll start with the 2 easy picks (because they are the only events planned in these time slots), So You Think You Know Movies- Trivia Contest and the Welcome Party on Thursday afternoon/early evening.

Thursday: First Block- New Experience for Him, Film Favorite for Us, and Special Guest 🎩,  📽, & 💃
Since we have gone for the Essential Pass this year we will be attending the Red Carpet opening night screening of The Producers (1968), which will also include the Robert Osborne Award presentation to Martin Scorsese.  I'm not sure what to expect from the award presentation, but I do know what to expect from Mel Brooks and the screening of The Producers.  I was lucky enough to go to a very similar presentation at the first annual TCM Classic Film Festival, which I blogged about: here.  His films and his presence are always such an incomparable joy.  This will also be my dad's first year actually making in onto the red carpet.  The first year we attended together, we watched the red carpet from the bleachers, and last year my dad wasn't feeling super great that first night so he skipped the first evening of the festival.  So I'm hoping this one lives up to his expectations.

Our Pick: The Producers [Digital]

Thursday: Second Block- Nitrate 🔥
Seeing as this is the first block where there are multiple options, of course we have our first tough decision.  My choice for this block is: Stage Door (1937) on Nitrate, while my dad is finding himself drawn to Fail-Safe (1964).  There are a few things to consider when it comes to this time block.  One, we may not even get out of The Producers in time to make it to either.  Two, it depends on if I'm able to get to other Nitrate screenings.  And Three, someone's jetlag may have him turning in early the first night.

My Pick: Stage Door  [35mm Nitrate]

Friday: First Block - New to Us and Special Guest 🎞 & 💃
At first glance, I was immediately drawn to Strangers on a Train (1951), due to my eternal love for all things Alfred Hitchcock, but after looking more carefully at the choices and after my dad's suggestion it looks like Intruder in the Dust (1945) is the new front runner for this time slot.  In addition to this being a new to me movie, the actor, Claude Jarman Jr. will be in attendance, which will make it that much more interesting.  Plus, I'm hoping to get my Hitchcock fix the following day.

Our Pick: Intruder in the Dust [35mm]

Friday: Second Block- Film Favorite and Special Guest 📽 & 💃
Next up will likely be Witness for the Prosecution (1957), which is one of my favorite movies, directed by one of my favorite directors, with one of my favorite casts and part of the Christie's Mysteries theme of the festival.  We also briefly discussed The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944) as a possibility, but we will most likely be checking out Ruta Lee and this Wilder gem.

Our Pick: Witness for the Prosecution [35mm]

Friday: Third Block- New to Us and Special Guest 🎞 & 💃
It is hard to pass up an opportunity to see Eva Marie Saint in person.  I've have had the unbelievable pleasure of getting to see her speak multiple times at multiple film events (I've even blogged about some over the years: here), mostly at TCMFF, but also at a special Hitchcock event at the Hollywood Bowl.  So, I'm excited that my dad will get a chance to see her in person this year, it also doesn't hurt that her attendance is paired with such an interesting movie, which will be new to both of us.

Our Pick: A Hatful of Rain [Digital]

Friday: Fourth Block - Film Favorite and Special Guests 📽 & 💃
This is a tough time slot, mostly because we are very much considering our first pool-side screening so timing may be an issue.  However, if timing doesn't end up being a concern my number one choice this block is The Odd Couple (1968).  I have such a soft spot for Walter Matthau and have been slowly going through his entire filmography this past year, in fact according to my Letterboxd account, he was my most watched actor of the year and I'm perfectly giddy about it.  And in addition to the film screening there will also be a discussion at the end of the film with the Pigeon Sisters, Monica Evans and Carole Shelley.  However, depending on how the day goes and if we're deeply drawn to and concerned about the time for The Roaring Twenties screening we may in fact grab some dinner during this block.

Our throwing caution to the wind choice: The Odd Couple [Digital]
Our timing concern choice: Dinner with time to spare for The Roaring Twenties screening

Friday: Fifth Block- New Experience and New to Us 🎩 & 🎞
For the final block of the day our goal is to make it to our first poolside screening ever!!!  As outlined above it depends on how the day goes and how strong Walter Matthau's hold is on me.  I'm excited to possibly attend my first poolside screening in 9 years of attending the festival and I'm interested in hearing the intro from Keith Carradine, who appears to be a super cool dude.  It seems like he's been present at the festival for the last few years and I have yet to hear one of his intros.  Also looking forward to seeing this movie for the first time, great cast.  So yeah, a little bit of wait and see for this block too.  However, if we end up going with The Odd Couple and there is a timing issue and The Roaring Twenties can't happen I think I might take myself down to the Egyptian for the Nitrate screening of Leave Her to Heaven (1945), which was also screened [not on Nitrate] at the first film fest or this might be another opportunity to get some food, so many options.

If the timing works out, Our Pick: The Roaring Twenties [Digital]
If it doesn't: Leave Her to Heaven or Dinner

After going over the Saturday schedule it looks like this might be our split-up day.  I always go back and forth on the pros and cons of splitting up from my dad during the festival.  It's cool because I get to hear about the interesting thing that he did and it reduces the feelings of resentment of being "dragged" to see something you aren't totally thrilled about, while also "giving up" getting to see something you were looking forward to seeing.  But then on the flip side I like to share experiences and enjoy seeing a movie with him, both when it's something that's new to both of us and when it's an old favorite, plus it counts as our time to visit with each other since I live across the country from my family.  In the past we've split up for a screening or two here and there, so I guess it's just the nature of the beast.

Saturday: First Block- Film Favorite or New to Us 📽 or 🎞
That being said for the first block of the day we haven't made a final decision, but my number one pick is His Girl Friday (1940) because I love seeing Cary Grant on the big screen.  However, we are also considering A Letter to Three Wives (1949), which would be new to both of us.  So, probably not a split during this block, but still undecided.

Indecisive Choices: His Girl Friday [Digital] or A Letter to Three Wives [Digital]

Saturday: Second Block- New to Us 🎞
Our second block also isn't our first possible split up either.  For this time slot we're most likely going to be checking out Ida Lupino's Outrage (1950).  This will be new to both of us and it sounds like it tackles really controversial and important issues.  Our second choice is also possibly, When You Read This Letter (1953), which would also be new for us.  But I think we're going to stick with this Lupino film.

Our Pick: Outrage [35mm]

Saturday: Third Block- First Possible Split: New to Him & Film Favorite for Me 🎞 & 📽
When he said it, I couldn't believe it, I must've misheard, but it sounded like he said, he quite possibly has never seen Sunset Boulevard (1950).  The shock! the horror!  So obviously this has to be remedied as quickly as possible.  However, as much as I want to watch my dad see Sunset Blvd. for the first time in Grauman's Theater, introduced by Nancy Olson, I might have to skip it for the amazing Wife vs. Secretary (1936) starring Jean Harlow, Jimmy Stewart, Clarke Gable, and Myrna Loy.  I have seen Sunset Blvd. more times than I should admit, in fact I attended the screening of it at the first TCMFF (also with Nancy Olson in attendance).  So I don't know what to do here, but this is what I'm thinking at this moment.

His Pick: Sunset Boulevard [Digital]
My Pick: Wife vs. Secretary [35mm]

Saturday: Fourth Block- Presentation or Panel in Club TCM 🎉
If I end up seeing Wife vs. Secretary then I'll have a little bit of downtime and can then get myself to the Hollywood Home Movies presentation in Club TCM.  After having checked this out last year I don't think I can miss it again.  I'm looking forward to checking out The Academy's contribution to the festival especially after interning there last Spring.  I also love getting to enjoy the peripheral/additional stuff that they do aside from the Oscar ceremony.  Depending on timing my dad should be able to join in on this block, if not he might go get in line for his next pick.

My Pick: Hollywood Home Movies

A gem from last year's presentation: Basil Rathbone's Home Movies capturing a behind the scenes moment of Claude Rains and Olivia de Haviland on set
Saturday: Fifth Block - Film Favorite and New to Me 📽 & 🎞
Next up is one of my dad's picks, The Lost Weekend (1945), which is a great movie, has a great cast, and is directed by one of my faves..  I'm going to try to catch this one too, due to my love of Billy Wilder, but there might be a time crunch.  So, if there is an issue he will watch Ray Milland's struggle with alcoholism and I might check out Show People (1928), which not only starts a little bit later, but sounds like a great movie, which I'm surprised I haven't seen and a great opportunity to see Marion Davies and William Haines on the big screen.

His Pick and My Pick if time permits : The Lost Weekend [Digital]
If time doesn't: Show People [35mm]

Saturday: Sixth Block- Film Favorite and Nitrate 📽& 🔥
Our final block of the day also happens to be one of our toughest time slots to make a decision about.  On the one hand Spellbound (1945) ticks so very many of my boxes: Hitchcock, Nitrate, Bergman and Peck, intro'd by one of my favorite film historians David Pierce, and has the added bonus of a Dali dream sequence.  But on the other hand we have The Big Lebowski (1998), which is one of my favorite movies of the last 20 years, it is probably quoted daily amongst myself and my family.  And I'm beginning to wonder if there will some special guests announced for that screening.  I do think that if Jeff Bridges ends up being announced as a guest I would not be able to pass it up.  Then on the third hand, my dad has a great interest in seeing Scarface (1932) on the big screen complete with intro by John Carpenter.  So, this block is up in the air for so many reasons, but this is the current plan.

My Pick: Spellbound [35mm, Nitrate]
His Pick: Scarface  [Digital]
Hard to Skip: The Big Lebowski

Sunday: First Block- Film Favorite 📽
It would be very difficult for me to skip Woman of the Year (1942), seeing as it is one of my favorite movies, starring one of my favorite on-screen team.  Plus, it looks like Keith Carradine is going to be doing the intro for this one as well.  So it'll be nice to go from having not had the opportunity to see Keith Carradine at a previous festival to go to seeing him twice in one fest.

My Pick: Woman of the Year [Digital]

Sunday: Second Block- Film Favorite and New to Him 📽 & 🎞
I never thought I'd ever pass up the opportunity to see Sally Field in person, but I also never thought I would have the opportunity to see Sally Field in person, but I have such a weird love for The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974), I don't fully understand my affinity for this movie, I tend not to care for violence, or watching Hector Elizondo pistol whip people, but there's something about this movie that I love.  I was so excited when it was announced and it became one of my must sees.  At that time little did I know that it would be scheduled against Places in the Heart (1984), with Sally Field in attendance.  So for now I'm decided on Taking of Pelham, while my dad is going to see Places in the Heart with Ms. Field in attendance.

My Pick: The Taking of Pelham One Two Three [35mm]
His Pick: Places in the Heart [Digital]

Sunday: Third Block- Presentation or Panel in Club TCM 🎉
I've always been fascinated by films that are "lost" or haven't been seen for decades and the stories behind them, this is partially why I obtained my most recent degree, MLIS, with a Media Archives Specialization and why I'm pursuing this new career.  All of that to say that I would love to attend the Mostly Lost: Identifying Unknown Films at the Library of Congress panel at Club TCM.  It looks like they have a great line-up of staff from the Library of Congress (which includes my film historian crush, David Pierce)

Our Pick: Mostly Lost: Identifying Unknown Films at the Library of Congress

Sunday: Fourth Block- Film Favorite 📽
For our final film of the festival we're going to go with The Phantom of the Opera (1925) with live accompaniment by the Mont Alto Motion Picture orchestra.  These screenings of a silent movie with a live orchestra have always been wonderful in the past, like the screening of The General and The Cameraman which is now making me realize there are no Buster Keaton movies that the festival this year, hmm.  It will also

Our Pick: The Phantom of the Opera [Digital]

Well that took much longer than I thought to put together, but that's our tentative plan for this year's festival.  It seems to be shaping up to be another wonderful festival with impeccable programming.  As per every other year our schedule is always subject.  Definitely let us know if we'll be going to any of the same screenings, looking forward to seeing many familiar faces.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Put the Blame on Mame"--Day 4 of the 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival

(I clearly started writing this a few months ago, but I finally finished it today, stay tuned for more posts about events from a few years ago.)

Hello party people!  I've been inspired by this week's exciting 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival Announcements and have decided to try to finish my on the pulse coverage of previous film festivals.  I've decided to start with the final day of the 2013 festival.  It is kind of strange to think that these events took place 3 years ago.  Anyway, here we go, Day 4, filled with femme fatales, intrigue and some laughs...

The first movie of the day was, Gilda (1946) directed by, Charles Vidor and starring Rita Hayworth and Glen Ford.  It screened at the Egyptian Theater and was introduced by Debra Winger.  Ms. Winger's introduction was short and sweet and to the point.  She shared her love of the film and for Rita Hayworth's performance.  She even quoted the line from the film, "If I'd been a ranch, they would've named me, "The Bar Nothing."

The film was beautiful, engaging and so wonderfully dark.  The plot is convoluted and the performances are stellar, and it was an amazing treat to get to see Rita Hayworth in all of her silver screen beauty.  It was worth it alone for the 'Put the Blame on Mame' scene.

Next up was Libeled Lady (1936) at the multiplex.  This was one of the TBA screenings, aka a second chance screening so I was grateful to have another opportunity to see it on the big screen.

Libeled Lady is one of my favorite romantic/screwball comedies and look at that cast!   It was introduced by the one, the only Scott McGee

Seeing screwball comedies in a packed theater is one of the best ways to see them.  Sharing the laughter and the ridiculousness is an absolutely wonderful experience.  It was also a joy to see this cast on the big screen.  While watching this film I realized that the full effectiveness of some actors and actresses are much ore evident when they're seen on the big screen.  For this movie and this screening that happened with Spencer Tracy and Jean Harlow.  There are times when you see a classic film actor or actress in a movie on a DVD at home and their screen presence just doesn't fully come through, that is until you see them on the silver screen.  The subtlety of their performance and their nuances don't always shine through on the smaller screen at home.  That's not to say that Powell and Loy weren't also stellar, but their performances still manage to come through on TV screens, and and even more so in the theater.

Next up on the final day of the festival was a complete shift in both genre and tone, Three Days of the Condor (1975) starring Robert Redford, Faye Dunaway, and Max Von Sydow.  The screening was introduced by Robert Osborne and included a conversation with the amazing Max Von Sydow before the screening.

Hearing Mr. Von Sydow speak was very engaging, he touched on many of the movies in his career.  I pretty much just enjoyed listening to his sultry voice and to just be in his presence.

The final film for the day and for the festival was The General starring Buster Keaton.

I was back in Grauman's Chinese theater and joined again by my cousin (who had also been at the screening of Airplane).  This was such a great way to end the festival.  It was introduced by Robert Osborne and the final screening before the theater was going to be renovated.

I absolutely love seeing silent films in these big theaters, with live orchestras, and with a huge audience.  There is nothing like hearing a packed theater laughing at Buster Keaton's hijinks.

Here are some shots of the theater:

It's even more interesting to take a look at these photos now.  Not only because this was 3 years ago, but because I've been in the renovated theater for the las 3 festivals and this feels like a major blast from the past.

Alright, well that does it for me for Day 4 of the 2013 TCM Classic Film Festival.  That's one more complete festival down, 3 more to go!  I'm going to try to tackle these posts while I have some downtime this summer.  Tune in next time.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016 TCM Classic Film Festival Tentative Schedule and Social Producer Assignment

Ahoy Ahoy, Classic Film fans.  I apologize for the delay in formulating this post, but school, work and traveling to NY last weekend haven't allowed for the proper amount of obsessing over the film festival schedule.  However, it did allow for a sit-down between my dad and I to attempt to make decisions about our schedule.

As always, this was a bit of a challenge, but a fun one filled with making awesome decisions.  So, without further ado here's our tentative schedule for this year's festival (subject to change for any number of reasons):

Block 1: One Potato, Two Potato (1964) [New to us]
This was a funny one because my top 2 choices were One Potato, Two Potato and Dark Victory
and my Dad's top picks were One Potato, Two Potato and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  Once we saw that Barbara Barrie was going to be in attendance we decided to make this our selection.

Block 2: Brief Encounter (1945) [Favorite on the Big Screen and New to Dad]
I love this movie so much and am really looking forward to seeing it on the big screen.  Oddly enough my dad has never seen it, so what better way to enjoy it than in a theater at the TCM Classic Film Festival.

Block 1: Either Shanghai Express (1932) or Never Fear (1949) [Favorite on the Big Screen or New to us]
I had originally seen a VHS copy of Shanghai Express a few years ago, so when I heard that a restoration of the film was going to be at the festival I immediately added it to my must see list.  And it's going to be introduced by director Josef von Sternberg's son, Nicholas von Sternberg.  My second choice this block is The More the Merrier.  Meanwhile, my dad's number one choice is the Ida Lupino movie Never Fear, which will be introduced by MoMA Film Curator, Anne Morra.  We'll see how this one shakes out.

Block 2: The Way We Were (1973) or He Ran All the Way (1951) [Favorite on the Big Screen or New to us]
The Way We Were is my top choice for this time slot, Robert Redford on the big screen...need I say more?  My dad's selection is He Ran All the Way, which sounds like a really complex movie complete with a screenplay by Dalton Trumbo.  Another interesting time slot.

Block 3: The Conversation (1974) [Favorite on the Big Screen and fun celeb]
This was a tough block for us, lots of different things to choose between, but I think I'm most drawn to The Conversation with director Francis Ford Coppola as a special guest.  The other films at this time sound extremely interesting and I think if The Conversation wasn't at the same time we could easily see any of them.

Block 4: It's a Wonderful Life (1946) and Voices of Light: The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928) [Favorites on the Big Screen]
Did you notice the 'and'...that wasn't a typo, this might be our first block of movies where we dun dun dunn....split up!  I know what you're thinking, that's totally uncalled for, but it may have to be done.  I had the amazing pleasure of seeing an extremely similar performance of The Passion of Joan of Arc at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in recent years (my friend from college sang in the performance).  It was an absolutely wonderful experience and I couldn't possibly recommend it more highly and definitely think my dad should see it, but that means that I may sneak off to the screening of It's a Wonderful Life instead.

Block 5: Repeat Performance (1947) [New to us]
After reading the description for Repeat Performance, my dad and I were both intrigued.  It's hard to pass up Angela Lansbury and Alec Baldwin at the Manchurian Candidate and Bob Fosse and the rest of the cast of My Sister Eileen, but it would also be fun to see a new to both of us movie.  This is one that might change on the day of depending on the pull of Angela Lansbury or Bob Fosse.

Block 1: 90th Anniversary of Vitaphone [New to us]
Another tough block, but I think we're going with the presentation about Vitaphone.  We really enjoyed the Technicolor presentation and the hand-cranked movies last year so we'll keep our trend of learning about different formats alive with the 90th Anniversary of Vitaphone.  Plus, it will feature great from 1928-1929 that feature Rose Marie and George Burns and Gracie Allen.

Block 2: The First Time in Hollywood @ Club TCM
This is another instance of having been to a very similar event, very recently.  Last year I went to a screening of Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid at UCLA complete with an interview with Carl Reiner, which was wonderful.  I'm tempted to see it again, especially since it's a whole afternoon with Carl Reiner and because my dad hasn't seen Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid.  But I think ultimately we're going to enjoy an event at Club TCM instead.  It sounds like a great group of people at the panel and I always enjoy hearing Cari Beauchamp talk about movies and Hollywood history.

Block 3: Rita Moreno Book Signing [Fun celeb]
My entire family really likes Ms. Rita Moreno (EGOT Winner).  I enjoy her performances in musicals like West Side Story and as Detective Goren's mother on Law and Order: Criminal Intent (I'm a sucker for Vincent D'Onofrio).  While my dad and brother's respect and revere her from her performance in Oz.  I tend to go to at least one book signing per festival so I think this one would be perfect for us.  It's also wonderful that Larry Edmund's is collaborating with the festival for events like this, they're always so wonderful.

Block 4: The Long Goodbye (1973) [Favorite on the Big Screen and fun celeb]
After a day of learning about Vitaphone, attending a panel, and hopefully getting to tell Rita Moreno how much we enjoy her body of work it's only logical to go to a screening of The Long Goodbye with Elliot Gould in attendance.

Block 5: Rocky (1978) or  Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943) [Favorite on the Big Screen and fun celeb or New to me]
I was sure my dad would want to see Rocky at the fest, but it turns out he saw it in the theater when it first came out, so his first choice for this time slot was Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man.  I've certainly seen Rocky before, but never in a theater, which is why it was my first choice this block.  However, while putting this post together I discovered that Talia Shire will be in attendance for this screening, which may have clinched it.  And to quote Rocky and my dad after I emailed him about it, "Adriannnnnn!"

Block 1: All That Heaven Allows (1955) or M*A*S*H (1970) [Favorite on the Big Screen]
My dad's top 2 for this time slot are M*A*S*H and Fallen Idol and my top 2 for this slot are All That Heaven Allows and M*A*S*H.  Not sure how this is going to turn out, but it will be extremely difficult for me to pass up seeing a Douglas Sirk film on the big screen.

Block 2: The Kid (1921) followed by Horse Feathers (1932) [Favorites on the Big Screen]
Originally, we were really looking forward to seeing The Longest Ride and to see Burt Reynolds in person (I recently saw Smokey and the Bandit for the first time and my affection for Reynolds has grown exponentially), but now that he's unfortunately no longer going to be attending the festival it's back to the drawing board.  It seems that a double feature of The Kid and then Horse Feathers is a good alternative.  We haven't discussed this time block since Burt Reynolds cancelled so we'll see what happens here.

Block 3: The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming (1966) [New to me and fun celeb]
This should be a fun one and Eva Marie Saint will be in attendance.  I've never seen it before so I'm really looking forward to it.  My dad is also interested in seeing Fat City during this time slot, but I recently saw a restoration screening of this at The Reel Thing last year.

Block 4: Network (1976) [Favorite on the Big Screen and fun celeb]
We weren't sure what to go with for the final screening, but with the announcement of the wonderful Faye Dunaway we were sold on Network.  This movie is intense and emotional and hearing Faye Dunaway should be amazing.

Alright so there's our tentative schedule, lots of tough choices, but as always there are no bad choices.  Here are some other wonderful blogger's schedule posts, I like seeing other people's choices and seeing the reasoning and to see if we have any screenings in common:

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Social Producer Assignment- #TCMFFSP

My dad and I are THRILLED to be Social Producers at the festival again.  This year we're going to incorporate the themes of the films at the festival with family and loved ones.  We're going to post (at least) daily topics for discussions.  They may include memories of seeing certain movies, be related to the themes of the movies, or just general movie experiences.  We will also most likely seek out festival goers who are attending with their family, much like we did last year, and share their stories on Twitter.  In addition to this we're also going to be on hand for some Social Media 101 support.  I'm currently creating a handout that goes through the steps of setting up a Twitter account.  We will also make ourselves available for other support as needed.  We're really looking forward to it again this year.  You can read about all of the social producer's on Classic Movie Hub and here are other posts by other Social Producers:

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Looking forward to seeing everyone at the fest this year.  Hope we have some screenings in common.